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Three and a half sentences about me

I am a strategic creative leader with over 15 years experience in the digital marketing, corporate communications and advertising industries.

I’m a compelling storyteller and a passionate leader, and I love collaborating with people who are creative, strategic, clever and funny (flexible on funny).

I work directly with businesses, helping them to develop storytelling strategies for digital and social channels. If that sounds like something you need, I’m ready to get involved!

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Did I ever tell you about…

The time I built and led a Creative Department at a digital advertising agency


Serving as Creative Director at The White Agency / whiteGREY for 7 years was one of my favourite career chapters.

Not only did I lead all the work for all the clients, I got to do it by hiring, nurturing and befriending an exceptional team of creative people.

If you need proven creative leadership that generates compelling creative work, let’s chat > 

The time I made Vaginal health fun to talk about


A social brand idea that drove conversation, awareness and sales. See it >

The time I launched “hot hydralyte”


Seriously, it’s a thing. Watch it >

The time I supercharged the Mirvac LinkedIn presence


A tailor-made strategy, massive engagement, impressive results. See it >

The time I appeared on Gruen Planet


Winning isn’t everything. Unless you’re pitching on ABC’s GRUEN PLANET. Watch it >

The time I interviewed the Wallabies


I made an online film series (for Hahn Superdry) in which Australia’s greatest rugby players reveal what they’ve learned about life, the game, and themselves. Watch it >

The time I made a comedy webseries for The Commonwealth Bank


Financial planning is boring. But life is funny. Watch it >

The time I turned PMS into PM-YES


I created a LOL-filled PERIOD PARTY for femcare brand U by Kotex, powered by social media and online video. Watch it >

The time I helped transform The Commonwealth Bank into a digital leader


I led the design of CBA’s digital platforms and campaigns for 7 years, collecting over 23 industry awards. That’s a lot of years. And awards. See it >

The time I re-imagined the Boys Toilets at my son’s primary school


Based on research indicating that clean, safe (and even joyful) school bathrooms can powerfully impact a child’s ability to thrive, I lead the creation of two murals in the Jr Boys Toilets at my son’s school. See them >

The time I took a roomful of strangers into the Negative Space


Watch me connect my earliest memories with iconic logo design, a Frank Miller comic book and a brilliant creative decision… all as part of a journey into negative space. Watch it >

The time I wrote and illustrated a graphic novel series for kids


Perfect for kids. Comic Arts Award of Australia winner. A Kickstarter sensation. See it >

The time I built an A.I. version of myself


The Mike Barry Bot is a Facebook chatbot packed with creative wisdom, pointed feedback and amusing stories. A quick chat with this guy is a great way to get to know me before getting to know me. See it >

The time I broke the internet


To help launch new Milkybar Berry Crumble, Nestle wanted a Facebook video idea that would generate conversation and reach. They didn’t specifically ask for 1,000,000 views, but I got it for them anyway.  Watch it >

And what about the time you and I made something amazing together?

It’s a great story, really. And incredible to think it all started when you decided to contact me >


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