Supercharging Mirvac’s LinkedIn presence

So many good stories to tell… but no one was telling them.

Mirvac is a fascinating organisation, with a sincere commitment to being a ‘force for good’ in the Australian property industry.

However, despite having a wealth of legitimate thought leadership in the areas of sustainability, innovation, gender equality and housing affordability, they were relying heavily on third party media and press outlets to communicate these stories, often with mixed results.

They needed a way to tell their own story more often.

My recommendation? Start taking LinkedIn seriously.

A tailor-made strategy that drove massive engagement

I not only created the Mirvac LinkedIn strategy, I also then spent eighteen months executing it.

This involved working directly with the CEO and leaders from all levels of the business to create posts, articles and videos that aligned with my strategy, and that also drove consistently massive engagement numbers.

Under my management, Mirvac leapfrogged its competitors and became the Property and Construction industry’s benchmark for LinkedIn strategy and engagement.

And it happened without me ever once posting the words “We are humbled and proud…”

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