Bring Back Your Bajingo with Aci-Jel

Vaginal health can be hard to talk about.

It probably shouldn’t be, though, especially since dryness and discomfort downstairs are common problems that affect women of all ages.

That’s why I love this social video campaign I created for Aci-Jel, who – despite having a range of incredibly effective products – needed to significantly increase their sales and brand recognition.

A memorable brand idea that makes conversation easy.

By bringing new language and a new energy to what is often a very uncomfortable topic, this campaign proved to be a massive sales and awareness success.

It helped to quickly and clearly delineate the role of the two flagship products- Aci-Jel Restore and Aci-Jel Balance, and – in addition to its performance on social – also proved to be incredibly useful to the sales team, who suddenly found it easy (and dare I say… fun?) to promote Aci-Jel’s excellent range of outstanding, clinically-proven vaginal health products to their customers.

This campaign was created in collaboration with

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