Mike’s Projects

Spider-Man on Mars
A short fan comic.

BETTER – a superhero short film
A short film I directed as part of The White Agency’s 2014 Film Comp.

YOUNG HEROES – custom posters
Some of the cool kids in my life, portrayed as superheroes.

Pitching on ABC’s Gruen Planet
Check out the ad, as well as some behind the scenes stuff with me.

Mike’s Marvel sketchbook
I heart Marvel.

A Journey into Negative Space
See me speak in public at Ignite Sydney.

Flag – a short comic
Took a lot longer to draw than it does to read.
Bonus: see Mike’s creation process

Kinds of Blue – a comic book anthology about depression
My collaboration with up and coming comics writing superstar Karen Beilharz.
Bonus: see Mike’s creation process

The Red Rope – a webcomic
First comic I ever finished.
Bonus: read The Letter’s Page, where readers tell Mike what they think.

My first comic
Stop dreaming, start making.

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