The True Story of Mike

Mike Barry is the Creative Director at The White Agency, where he creates, guides and sometimes simply takes credit for an enormous amount of digital creative work for clients such as Lion, Lexus and The Commonwealth Bank.

Some of his most interesting work is herehere and here (oh, and here), but seriously a lot of cool work happens at White so that list is probably already out of date and it was only written this morning.

Mike has received industry recognition by being named on the digital judging panel for the AWARD Awards (Feb 2013) and the AdNews Digital Campaign of the Year Award (Jan 2013), as well as being named in the 2012 AdNews Top 40 under 40.

Mike likes to offer his opinion as you can see from his contributions to the AdNews Creative Choice (Feb 2013) and B&T Creative Focus (Dec 2012). He’s also written about Concepting with Jerry Seinfeld and Storytelling in Advertising, and stayed up until almost 2am one Saturday morning trying to curate a worthwhile NEXTNESS visual diary.

Mike also enjoys speaking in public, like that time he won The Pitch on Gruen Planet, or the time he took exactly five minutes and twenty slides to take A Journey into Negative Space. And I guess there was that other time when he unveiled “The Creative’s Secret Weapon” (humility, FYI) to the 2012 AIMIA Agencies of the Future Conference in Sydney, or the time he appeared on the Estimate Approved podcast to discuss finding your creative voice.

Mike has many personal creative projects, which, contrary to the impression given by the previous five paragraphs, is what this site is actually about.

And, he tweets.

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