Collective Genius: Creative ideation training with Mike Barry

Mike Barry’s Creative Ideation Training has been designed to give you a fun, practical way to unlock the creative firepower within your team. Perfect as part of a corporate offsite session or team training day,  you’ll come away with new skills to help you develop better ideas, more often.




A compelling, two hour session covering…

Mindset. Mike’s three-point pep-talk provides everything you need to decide to be creative, together.

Process. Mike will walk you through some tried and tested ideation methods to unlock your collective, creative potential.

Practise. Together we”ll apply the theory to real creative challenges.




“Mike didn’t just run an engaging session for our team (although he certainly did that), he left us equipped with the tools we need to lift our creativity to the next level – and we are already seeing the results.”


Tony Story
Head of Corporate Communications,
Digital & Social Media


What’s it like?

Engaging content. Inspiring theory quickly moves to practical application.

Relaxed style. Mike’s mix of demonstration, facilitation and mentoring will awaken and develop the creative potential within you and your team.

Mike’s goal. Not just inspiring creative excellence, but embedding it.




Outcomes for you

Do more, better creative work. Creatively upskilling your team with new mindsets, process and creative confidence means you can do more yourselves.

Get better creative work from your partners. With a new understanding and experience of the creative process, you’ll be equipped to provide more meaningful leadership for your agency partners.




And who is Mike, again?

Mike Barry is an award-winning Creative Director from Sydney, Australia with over fifteen years experience in digital and creative agencies. A compelling storyteller and a passionate leader, Mike loves collaborating with people who are creative, strategic, clever and funny (he’s flexible on funny). Most of all, Mike loves nurturing creative potential, and helping creative leaders emerge and grow in both confidence and expertise.

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